Magical Tällberg

If you want to experience the beautiful scenery, our dalecarlian culture, good food and great hospitality - Tällberg and Klockargården Hotel is the place.
Tällberg is situated in the middle of Dalecarlia. During winter time there are ski slopes, cross country tracks and shiny ices nearby for fun activities in the snow.
Our summers in Tällberg are even more magical. Lovely beaches at lake Siljlan, trails in untouched woods, crafts of all kinds and long bright nights.
At Klockargården Hotel you can relax and enjoy great service, quality cooking and unique interiors.


We have 41 rooms, all with its own style, decorated with love and inspiration from Dalecarlia.
Welcome to learn more about us. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


Midsummer 2016

Midsummer 2016

Experience the best of Swedish midsummer celebration with fine old traditions. We raise our own maypole on Midsummer's Eve with music, song and stories about the culture and countryside. You eat from a homemade midsummer buffet, breakfast and enjoy three different 3-course dinners. For more information visit our web site:

  • Frukostbuffé
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Vet du var du finner denna i Tällberg? 
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