Historia Klockargården

History of Klockargården

Från ödegård till en av Dalarnas största nöjesarrangörer.

It all started as a handicraft shop
Klockargården's journey started in 1937 when the Sandberg couple, Astrid from Rättvik and August from Laknäs, bought a deserted farm in Tällberg. Astrid, a textile expert, soon opens a handicrafts shop which, over time, grows into an extensive business with shops in several major cities in Sweden, its own textile studios and with a great number of craftsmen employed. 

Across the village road, in the direction of Siljan, you will today find Dalmål Kafé & Hantverk. Large, crispy waffles have been served here since 1953, when August, who was a baker, opened a coffee house with his bakery and a large garden for outdoor dining area. Waffle lovers still flock here to enjoy these crispy favorites.

The foundation of the hotel business started in 1959 when a number of log houses were purchased and moved to Klockargården. The buildings were used as a craft school and guesthouses and later on their son Per and his wife Inger chose to join the business. The business grew over the years and today the hotel includes 41 rooms with room for about 80 guests.

Nowadays, Klockargården is a destination for entertainment
At the beginning of the 2000s, a major investment was made and the village's largest meeting place, Kultursalongen, was created. A meeting place that every year attracts entertainment-loving audiences to shows, concerts, dinner evenings and fairs. Today, Klockargården is one of Dalarna's largest entertainment organizers.

So how come they chose to name the hotel Klockargården? Well, the name was chosen in honor of a specific bellringer, i.e. "a singer in the church" who had once lived on the farm.

We are now writing new history. Hotel Klockargården has been owned and operated for a few years by Staffan Malmqvist, the proud owner of the sister hotels Villa Långbers and Gyllene Hornet in Tällberg, Korstäppans Herrgård in Leksand and Masesgården Hälsohem in Grytnäs.