Dalmål Kafé & Hantverk i Tällberg.

Dalmål Kafé & Hantverk

Delicious waffles with both sweet and salty and a well-stocked shop with both edible and useful things. Welcome to take a break at Dalmål Kafé & Hantverk, centrally located in the village of Tällberg.

As early as 1937, the craft shop opened on the site with focus on textile craftsmanship. Today you will find a wide selection of pots, linen cloths and souvenirs along with local food and literature in the shop. 

Crispy waffles have been served here since 1953 and every year waffle-lovers come to enjoy these crispy favorites.

During summer we also serve pizza Wednesdays - Saturdays.

Opening hours Café & Shop

From week 26 until week 32 open every day 10.00 - 16.00.

The selection of fika and food may vary.

Contact us

Dalmål Kafé & Hantverk
Siljansvägen 479, 793 70 Tällberg
Telephone: +46247-502 65
Mail: [email protected]

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