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Activities in Dalarna

Dalarna has a wide range of activities all year round. Below we highlight some real gems. In the neighborhood of Tällberg, there are both hiking trails, golf courses and culture.

During your stay in Tällberg, there are plenty of options for adventurous excursions within reach. Whether you prefer to be active through hiking, biking or want to experience the culture, there is certainly something for everyone. If you are looking for local food experiences, there are plenty of producers and food artisans to explore and if you are a golfer, then we recommend Tällberg's own course with first-class views of Lake Siljan.


Hiking in Tällberg

Grab your hiking shoes and explore the surroundings. In Tällberg, a network of hiking trails offers great adventures for the entire family and promises magnificent views. We recommend the following pleasant hiking trails in Tällberg and the nearby town of Leksand.  Tips on hiking trails Red trail 9.8 km, Tällberg There is a marked hiking trail that runs along Tällberg through forests, nature reserves and across meadows.  Tällberg offers a delightful variety of nature, village environment and lake views. Along the way you pass through one of Dalarna's finest meadows, so make sure to glance between the fence posts - there are several "rare" plants here. Furthermore, the walk along the lake is lovely and the view from the top of Digerberget is a classic. Digerberget, ca 2 km, Tällberg Walk through the village in the direction south towards Leksand. After about 1 km including a final climb through a magical forest, you reach the top of Digerberget. A beautiful view of Siljan and Dalarna awaits you here. An excursion to LeksandSolvändan 4 km one waySolvändan is a walking path along the lake from Leksandsbron in central Leksand, past Kyrkudden, in the direction towards Leksand Sommarland. The walk is about four kilometers one way and along the route passes both Leksand's church and the historical Hildasholm. The trail is graveled and adapted for people with disabilities. Naturkartan - a guide on your phone What do you want to explore? Go swimming, hiking, visit an active farm or a nature reserve? You will find lots of guides, tips and maps available in the app Naturkartan. You will find it wherever apps are available. It is also available as a regular web. Get inspired! At Klockargården you can, during breakfast, pack a lunch to take with you on your excursion into nature.  Sandwich, eggs and fruit - 60 SEK per person Thermos with coffee - 100 SEK per thermos Additional inspiration from Visit Dalarna We recommend you also explore the Visit Dalarna page for more tips on destinations in Dalarna.

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Play golf

Treat yourself with a relaxing golf trip in a beautiful environment with accommodation at the cozy Hotel Klockargården in Tällberg. There are several popular golf courses close by. At Klockargården in Tällberg we know golf! We cooperate with nearby golf courses and have great knowledge of the local offer and what is required to make the golf trip a really good experience. Contact us for booking a golf stay. The golf package includes: Accommodation for 1 day Green fees (1 per person per day) GolfVIP Three-course dinner (choose from the à la carte menu) Generous breakfast buffet From 1 685:- SEK per personApplies to a share in a double room We cooperate with Leksand, Rättvik and Tällberg Golf Club. Book Golfpackage >> If you have any questions, please contact the reception of Klockargården Phone 0247-502 60 Mail [email protected]

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Excursions in Dalarna

There are plenty of activities to enjoy in Tällberg and the surrounding area. In addition to pleasant walks along Lake Siljan and past red traditional houses and beautiful open landscapes, there is a wide range of excursion destinations. Tips for excursions in Dalarna All year round Study the process from piece of wood to painted Dala horse in Nusnäs, outside Mora. Discover all the artworks and artifacts at the Zorn Museum and Zorngården in Mora. Walk around the waterfall and study the impact of the meteorite impact in Styggforsen, Boda. Visit Leksand Knäckebröd's bakery shop where you will find delicacies from all over Dalarna.  The Carl Larsson farm in Sundborn near Falun is a classic gem. Step down into Falu Gruva and visit their interactive museum. Walk in the footsteps of Gustav Vasa who escaped through the outhouse at Ornässtugan. Nittsjö Keramik outside Rättvik has a lovely second-hand shop. Buy local products in the nearby village of Laknäs where Erkers Lantgård has a farm shop with their very own produced vegetables, sausages and flowers. Take a trip to Fryksås and enjoy magnificent nature experiences, culture in a historical farmhouse environment and great dining experiences. During the summer season Attend a concert in Dalhalla. Karl Tövåsen's active farmhouse outside Vikarbyn welcomes visitors in the summer. Take a guided tour of Hildasholm Museum and Gardens in Leksand. Take a trip to Björkberget in Siljansnäs and enjoy summertime coffee and a magical view. Explore Naturum Dalarna which is located here. Walk around Limsjön also known as the birds' nest. Bike delightful routes in Leksand and Rättvik. Visit Dalarna provides tips on pleasant cycling tours. Take a trip to Kajaktiv in Dala-Floda and experience something out of the ordinary. Try rafting, kayaking or SUP. During the winter season Go cross-country skiing, slalom or go on a scooter safari at the ski resort of Orsa Grönklitt. Explore other ski resorts within an hour's radius such as Granberget in Leksand, Romme Alpin and Bjursås Skicenter. For more tips on where to go in Dalarna, see www.visitdalarna.se

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