There are plenty of activities to enjoy in Tällberg and the surrounding area. In addition to pleasant walks along Lake Siljan and past red traditional houses and beautiful open landscapes, there is a wide range of excursion destinations.

Tips for excursions in Dalarna

All year round

  • Study the process from piece of wood to painted Dala horse in Nusnäs, outside Mora.
  • Discover all the artworks and artifacts at the Zorn Museum and Zorngården in Mora.
  • Walk around the waterfall and study the impact of the meteorite impact in Styggforsen, Boda.
  • Visit Leksand Knäckebröd's bakery shop where you will find delicacies from all over Dalarna. 
  • The Carl Larsson farm in Sundborn near Falun is a classic gem.
  • Step down into Falu Gruva and visit their interactive museum.
  • Walk in the footsteps of Gustav Vasa who escaped through the outhouse at Ornässtugan.
  • Nittsjö Keramik outside Rättvik has a lovely second-hand shop.
  • Buy local products in the nearby village of Laknäs where Erkers Lantgård has a farm shop with their very own produced vegetables, sausages and flowers.
  • Take a trip to Fryksås and enjoy magnificent nature experiences, culture in a historical farmhouse environment and great dining experiences.

During the summer season

  • Attend a concert in Dalhalla.
  • Karl Tövåsen's active farmhouse outside Vikarbyn welcomes visitors in the summer.
  • Take a guided tour of Hildasholm Museum and Gardens in Leksand.
  • Take a trip to Björkberget in Siljansnäs and enjoy summertime coffee and a magical view. Explore Naturum Dalarna which is located here.
  • Walk around Limsjön also known as the birds' nest.
  • Bike delightful routes in Leksand and Rättvik. Visit Dalarna provides tips on pleasant cycling tours.
  • Take a trip to Kajaktiv in Dala-Floda and experience something out of the ordinary. Try rafting, kayaking or SUP.

During the winter season