Grab your hiking shoes and explore the surroundings. In Tällberg, a network of hiking trails offers great adventures for the entire family and promises magnificent views. We recommend the following pleasant hiking trails in Tällberg and the nearby town of Leksand. 

Tips on hiking trails

Red trail 9.8 km, Tällberg
There is a marked hiking trail that runs along Tällberg through forests, nature reserves and across meadows. 
Tällberg offers a delightful variety of nature, village environment and lake views. Along the way you pass through one of Dalarna's finest meadows, so make sure to glance between the fence posts - there are several "rare" plants here. Furthermore, the walk along the lake is lovely and the view from the top of Digerberget is a classic.

Digerberget, ca 2 km, Tällberg
Walk through the village in the direction south towards Leksand. After about 1 km including a final climb through a magical forest, you reach the top of Digerberget. A beautiful view of Siljan and Dalarna awaits you here.

An excursion to Leksand
Solvändan 4 km one waySolvändan is a walking path along the lake from Leksandsbron in central Leksand, past Kyrkudden, in the direction towards Leksand Sommarland. The walk is about four kilometers one way and along the route passes both Leksand's church and the historical Hildasholm. The trail is graveled and adapted for people with disabilities.

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At Klockargården you can, during breakfast, pack a lunch to take with you on your excursion into nature. 
Sandwich, eggs and fruit - 60 SEK per person
Thermos with coffee - 100 SEK per thermos

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